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Join us for a special edition 1.5-hour ADU update webinar providing the latest in ADU zoning changes for Oregon housing markets. Let me know if you want me to delete/change. Jake, who probably claims to believe in “small government”, thinks allowing people to build houses is “social engineering”. In 2015, the City Council approved major updates to the R-6 residential zone, which includes much of the residential area on the Peninsula. It’s entirely possible that more people will stop choosing to live in Portland! I am glad to see our city acting to help create more affordable housing options, and impressed that the City Council listened to housing advocates. Please keep it civil and constructive. Posted in Portland Zoning change sought to create Portland’s tallest building by The Associated Press August 24, 2020 August 24, 2020. They are simply making long range plans for a ghetto. Seems quite sneaky for this to go through without people who actually live here having a say. I live here and am actively buying and selling property right now, and I can tell you this is absolutely not true and you don’t even have to take the word of residents here. This isn’t dispersing them around the city! I couldn’t agree more that strong cities and neighborhoods need nearby commerce as well as housing. But maybe not to those who are scared to live in a city that is fighting segregation. You are absolutely right. More ADUs and higher density doesn’t sound like a lifestyle improvement. I hope you’ll be turning out to ensure that the affordable-sixplex option isn’t mysteriously omitted from these zones. Very interesting “experiment”. And it does achieve another form of segregation. PS, feel free to use our term, it subsumes all other terms, like NIMBY. Thanks for keeping the discourse civil. I’m sorry that Portland suffers from so many negative voices, maybe they will just leave. Projections at … The city's zoning code spells out what uses are allowed in which land use zones. Will there be parking lots available nearby? This is part of implementation of the comp plan. RIP to the conservative white jerks that should be leaving in droves. You may add a link with HTML: text to display. It’s definitely not true that there is no segregation in this country. For which all our “titles” are fictions from the colonial era. Austin’s sixplex concept is a different matter. But Portland’s duplexes will be up to three-fifths the square footage of their lot, and triplexes and fourplexes up to 0.7. This reform lowers that bar somewhat. This is about removing the social engineering and letting people have more freedom with their own property…. The measure will make it viable for nonprofits to intersperse below-market housing anywhere in the city for the first time in a century. Parking is going to be impossible, all this will end up being is subsidized housing, and will make new ghettos. what it does is displace lower income residents, who then commute to work in SB from the less expensive nearby communities of Oxnard, Ventura, and Santa Maria, creating ever worsening traffic jams during the morning and evening commute on hwy 101. Because by setting the entry price so high, communities were able to exclude certain types of housing and certain people.”. We work to promote smart policy ideas and monitor the region's progress towards sustainability. I’m perfectly fine with them doing this as I don’t live there anymore, but still doesn’t seem great for housing value. I have circulated it to friends, government officials and professional colleagues around the country for ideas and for inspiration. If they aren’t plexes, they’ll be apartment buildings, which are even further out of reach for most people to finance. I have been told that a 6 unit, and two 4 units plus more will be built right next door to me. Though I think plexes are also great because they allow stacked homes as an option; narrow lots lend themselves to stairs, which are obviously not for everyone. It’s true that most Portlanders don’t have the access to capital to build apartment buildings; many Portlanders don’t qualify for 30-year mortgages, either. My street is almost all 3-flats on 25 foot lots but there are also some larger courtyard buildings and 6 story apartment buildings as well. There’s plenty of disagreement within both major US parties. The reason it says ‘most lots’ is that some neighborhoods are exempt – such as rich, white Westmoreland. I would like to buy bus tickets for these folk to go live in Portland, part of our compassionate “family and friends reunification program”. At least most of them probably know how to use grammar and the correct form of ‘they’re’ . The added density created a lot of pressure on all the residents of my neighborhood, especially those whose rental housing does not include off-street parking. More housing doesn’t mean affordable living. And it doesn’t take a dime away from other existing programs. How can you think And the keyword here is think that you can have an area that is not a total wreck if you do not have parking? This is whats happened in the rust belt. Mayor Ted Wheeler, a business-oriented former Republican turned center-left Democrat, allied with two colleagues on his political left to pass the reform. It should hopefully help slow some of the bleeding but unfortunately it will likely not create the kind of dense, walkable neighborhoods that Chicago and east coast cities have — the ship sailed on that a century ago when white settlers chose to keep immigrants and minorities out rather than welcome them in by providing housing and services. “We’re not going to overcome Portland’s racist history with a zoning ordinance,” he said. Portland Zoning Changes. And while the city’s more exclusive neighborhoods won’t diversify overnight, Liberty said passage of the proposal was a significant start in moving away from the “class-based zoning” policies that were long on city books. Following almost two years of development, the Portland City Council adopted the Better Housing by Design changes on Wednesday, December 18 th. Without being mixed use, they add zero value to the neighborhood for existing residents. In Portland, the bans began in 1924 and expanded almost citywide in 1959. Fingers crossed that one day, somewhere down the line, I myself can say “R.I.P” to the days of rent-triggered existential meltdowns. Portland is NOT SAFE!! It’s up to developers and architects to keep our city beautiful, going forward – even as they incorporate the legalized low-income housing projects into neighborhoods. Do you spend a lot of time hanging out across the street from the Justice Center when you’re in Portland, Ron? This is the working part of Portland, East Portland. The sewer system and treatment plants, water systems, power will be undersized and will require upgrading – difficult to do and very expensive in developed urban areas. This huge diversity of building types — nearly all multiunit — also results in my neighborhood having tons of businesses within a 15 minute walk as well as a being one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the city. Allowing developers to “skate” on their off-street parking requirements, created chaos and friction in my ‘hood, and i think that the overall impact of this relaxed parking requirement strategy, on a large urban area such as Portland, will be more pronounced than it is on a smaller, less dense city such as Santa Barbara. Oh and we hired more cops to get rid of the dirt-bags. My current street has a higher density of the densest part of Division street in SE Portland because Chicago allows larger multi unit buildings on residential streets, whereas Portland mandates they must be on mixed-use corridors. The governor & mayor are forcing people & businesses out. In 15 years it will be blighted, crime-ridden and worthless. Hi, Michael— Thanks for the very informative article. And I hope that in future articles on this topic, you will recognize the important role that PDX-SDA’s co-founder, Garlynn Woodsong played in advancing this policy–including redeveloping two single family homes into great models of Missing Middle Housing–despite the tough obstacles he had to overcome. You can always convert an existing structure without changing it’s historical aspects. Ron, You just go right on believing that. See the Grand House housing form. Thank you for reminding us of the history of this project, and thank you for your analytical reporting (and advocating) throughout. It’s not clear which idea will win this new federal debate. In the last two years, the Democratic Party has rapidly come around to the position that it’s good. Costs of sprawling infrastructure and a lack of density have killed cities. Those zones, along with R7, are the ones affected here. This is excellent! Meanwhile, more than 70% of the city’s residential land was reserved for single-family houses. It’s very inclusive. The goal of this policy is to stabilize home values, so we don’t see massive appreciation due to continued housing shortage (of the sort we saw over the last decade), while also making Portland more prosperous by letting more people live the lifestyles they choose. …Seriously, allowing more housing options so that people like me (low-wage blue collar/pink collar essential laborers) can actually afford to *survive* in the areas where people actually need the services we provide, isn’t a bad thing. The city is having a hard time keeping up with infrastructure upgrades and repairs already. Even the more “single-family” areas of the city still have larger apartments interspersed in. The city of Portland has a liberal mindset. I want a glass of beer, but it’s illegal to buy less than a barrel in Eugene. Hopefully this is something they consider. Statistically, increased residential density tends to lead to higher home prices. In addition to concerns over what it will mean for displacement, some residents have worried a proposal will fundamentally change the appearance of Portland’s beloved residential neighborhoods and lead to the demolition of old homes in favor of pricey condos. the economic equivalent of cutting a check for $100,000 or more per affordable home, began in 1924 and expanded almost citywide in 1959, segregate people by class, race, age and income, cheerfully claimed responsibility for rising housing prices, « Washington Stops at Incremental Housing Steps, California's Home Shortage is Making Everyone Else's Worse »,, I thought I had already done so, but files get lost. Commissioner Amanda Fritz was the sole no vote against the plan, calling it one of the most upsetting votes she’s cast in her dozen years on the Council. By reverting back to a more lenient code, advocates and city planners believe different kinds of housing will slowly emerge, affordable to middle-income earners and first-time homebuyers who would otherwise have to look elsewhere. I am really glad we now have a place to send our addicts. I lived in North Portland near Lombard in college and it was a pit. Portland still bans apartment buildings in residential zones, a fact that continues to baffle me. ‘Low income/affordable’ doesn’t automatically translate to ‘ugly and dysfunctional,’ any more than a McMansion improves the character of a neighborhood just by being grossly expensive. Its presidential candidate’s platform reflects this: Joe Biden says the federal government should withhold various grants from cities that don’t take steps toward the standard Portland is about to set. Wonderful place. . There are many implications beyond what’s discussed in this article. Moreover, according to FBI statistics, Portland has the 4th highest crime rate in the state (as of 2014). As rents and market values continue to rise, an increasing number of Portlanders are at risk of being displaced and priced out of the city. At the end of Prohibition someone decided to issue 138 liquor licences in the town. the house values will bottom out. Photo by Michael Andersen, used with permission. You’re always totally welcome to refer to Sightline, Mark! Won’t this plan result in the reduction of home values? Stay up to date on the Northwest's most important sustainability issues. Everything else is going down the toilet, Portland isn’t immune. Is it good to have a diversity of housing types and prices in every neighborhood? Remember be careful what you ask for you may get it! Planning staff still needs to verify and approve how the site is used and developed. I fear by the RIP still primarily focusing on low density infill (highest allowed density on a 50 foot lot is basically equivalent to a low density two-flat in Chicago) it will only slightly mitigate the high housing prices and result in further displacement. While I recognize the importance of providing affordable housing, I worry this will also significantly increase the population in Portland over time and have unintentional, adverse effects on the city. Historic Land Division Codes (Title 34) Historic Zoning Codes (Title 33) Zoning Code Complete. Photo by Michael Andersen, used with permission. Portland’s new zoning changes also complement rather than clash with statewide housing laws. Right… every place in the US where there are more than 12 houses per acre is a tenement crime ridden hellhole…. As for Seattle, that city still bans new housing from the driveways of most primary homes, making infill geometrically impossible in many cases. Other than both sides of almost every public street? It’s cheaper to maintain contained infrastructure, especially if it discourages the use of single person vehicles, than to build and then maintain infrastructure to support the sprawl. A sixplex in Portland, built on one of the few lots that currently allow them. Looking at the photo of the six-plex, the first thing that comes to mind is that Portland needs to create an architectural competition to design ATTRACTIVE, affordable housing. Support more research like this with a year-end gift! I’d love to build some small cottage style homes for those like myself who love tiny homes. Please don’t condemn those who came before you. Also hilarious to see people who don’t even live in Portland flinging insults in the comment section . I don’t have any problem with the idea except for the parking. Required to change the zoning on the site if the proposed zoning is in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan designation. That is a wonder! (Perhaps this is detailed in the comprehensive plan.) PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s hard not to notice all the apartments and condos going up in Portland neighborhoods. Sightline Institute's work is made possible by the generosity of people like you! Maybe you deal with this, living in an apartment in the city but to buy a home in a residential neighborhood and have to park on the street? Photo by Neil Heller, used with permission. Zoning. Glad this got passed but IMO I’m afraid it isn’t going far enough. We have stayed in Portland enjoyed the city- but not for the foreseeable future. Thank God I don’t live in that Cesspool of a city. Politicians are generally ignorant, short sighted, and just plane dumb they ignore facts to promise anything when it suits them. Zoning regulations are land use regulations and policies that implement community goals and protect community resources while guiding new development. The alternative is to allow for suburban sprawl, which means building more infrastructure. But the previous rules required new buildings in these zones to be big detached homes that tore down older ones. The final proposal approved by Council will allow for up to four homes on lots across most of the city. Is this committee asleep or are they just stupid and cannot think ahead. Bye bye! I’m sure you would have done the same thing had you been born 30-40 years earlier. It shows that you care, and I gained from hearing the different perspectives. 100 taxpaying households on a block will bring in more tax revenue than 50, while keeping the amount of pavement and much of the other infrastructure the same. Growing cities need to build more homes, one way or another. I swear thats what he said, so I guess your suggesting just find a nice front yard to park in. Find this article interesting? Implementation of the plan is legally required by the Twin Cities MPO (the Metropolitan Council) and must be carried out in a fixed period of time following adoption of the comp plan. Sign up to get important news and culture from around the Northwest, delivered to your inbox six days a week. That’s exactly how prices go up. The city will make changes to these zones in a follow-up project in the next year. I would say the value those apartment buildings add to your neighborhood is the additional wallets that will hopefully keep local retail options strong, local bus routes frequent, etc. It does not have to be expensive. My family has lived here for over 20 years. As we wrote in January, legalizing sixplexes for regulated-affordable projects is the economic equivalent of cutting a check for $100,000 or more per affordable home. Of course, some people (myself included) feel that they need a car for one reason or another… those people can still have a car. It’s the most pro-housing reform to low-density zones in US history. Personally, I find all of those problems less urgent than the problem of building homes in places people want to live. A lot of them are by design,” said Madeline Kovacs, who coordinated with Portland for Everyone, a coalition that advocates for more affordable housing options, including residential infill. People who live in Portland are complete idiots their government is run by morons how many times did I see the word segregation in this article there’s no segregation in this country these idiots spend so much time and energy looking for any type of resistance and label it racism. If approved, the proposal would change Portland’s zoning ordinance to allow ADUs, such as converted garages or basements on current residential properties. I was told if I don’t like it, my option is to move.×416.png. Millennials have largely been shut out of affordable home ownership thanks to depressed wages, two huge recessions, NIMBYism, and soaring housing costs over the last twenty years. “Who knew putting people at city council, testifying, writing letters and convincing their elected officials could change public policy?” Commissioner Hardesty said in June, admitting that until she’d heard from the public, even she had thought the sixplex concept was too radical to support. It’s called tenement housing. New York City has much higher density and a good public transit system. Wouldn’t it be great if a renter or a renting couple, who cannot afford a down payment, but could bring $5,000 or $25,000 to the table for an infill or remodel project, could use that money to buy a share of a new small home, or perhaps a long-term lease? And among other things it will remove all parking mandates from three quarters of the city’s residential land, combining with a recent reform of apartment zones to essentially make home driveways optional citywide for the first time since 1973. Last year, as Michael is aware, I contributed a collection of photos to Sightline’s Missing Middle library collection on Flickr. One cool thing about 4plexes is that four is the largest number of homes that the federal government allows to be in a structure that can qualify for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. most citizens of Portland don’t have the funds to build their own 3 & 4 plexes. Posted by Brandi Whitaker on March 14, 2017 Share: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (AND PROBABLY A BIT MORE) The joy of understanding zoning. And since Chicago lots are 25 foot wide —twice as narrow as Portland’s typical 50 foot wide lots — this results in a much higher density than the RIP, even fully implemented. We also really need housing + social services. It would have only been ironic had the ordinance not passed. My new neighborhood in Chicago is six times denser than my old one in Portland and it definitely shows. On Wednesday, councilors cast their final vote on the Residential Infill Project, or RIP, an initiative launched a half-decade ago under the leadership of former Mayor Charlie Hales. How is that right? Let’s not justify riots by trying to hide the FACT that riots in many additional areas and abusive invasions into many residential areas are occurring every day & night!! But this legislation allows people who don’t want a car, or who only want to have one car per family, to make that decision. Most Portland residents will need at least one car. The ADA itself (well, technically the Fair Housing Act) kicks in at the fourth unit, and applies to any homes with a ground floor entrance: The proposal passed 3-1. Smaller lot sizes would be a perfectly fine way to get at this! Plan Districts, Historic Districts, and Conservation Districts - The boundaries of these districts are … Maybe I missed the explanation of this, but why not allow smaller lot sizes instead? Projections at the time had the city’s population growing by more than 250,000 residents by 2035. “If that’s a Portland value, I missed it in the comp plan.”. It will crowd our streets with more traffic, making them less safe. The main effect isn’t likely to be a huge increase in expected growth, just a reallocation of a (relatively small, like 10% or so) amount of that growth from the apartment zones (and the burbs) to the lower-density neighborhoods. Image by Sightline Institute. I would just like to share my view as a resident living in a quiet family neighborhood and have paid taxes for my home for years. 5555, This will not be a problem at all with people leaving Portland due to uncertain times. I’ve also referenced Next Portland recently. Personally I live in Woodlawn and there are two huge new apartment buildings on NE Dekum, and one HUGE one going in on MLK and Rosa Parks. Plenty more to work on! But every time the plan was exposed to public opinion, it became more dramatic. If I may offer a clarification…I am a Minneapolis resident and have been deeply interested in the Minneapolis 2040 plan process that led to the legalization of triplexes across the city, though the process started before I moved to Minneapolis. In 1959, the Portland City Council voted to expand single-family zoning to almost all residential areas in the city. I’ve got 4 bus lines, two bike trails (downtown and the university) and a supermarket within 500 feet. It’s a choice and people should be able to choose to live without one and have the infrastructure around them to make that possible. As long as the rest of the country can sell their places and buy homes here with cash – basically commodifying a Portland lifestyle – they will always warp the housing market to unreasonable heights and depress the wage markets with increased labor supplies. For example, a site might have the zoning of R2 (R1) representing a Base Zone of R2 and a comprehensive plan zoning designation of R1. . Is the BPS statement correct? Retail on the lower floors and apartment above. Douglas Scott, By Phill Colombo ofni. He suggested the city use the construction tax collected from new developments and set it aside to subsidize affordable units in the same areas. Good points, Jelly! These units will take away from the neighborhood in more ways than just aesthetics. I hope this works, and provides housing for the many people who don’t even own a car to park. The City of Portland requires zoning permits even when a building permit is not needed. Another thing is that you need mixed use development because people also need to be able to walk to their grocery store, Percentage of Portland households with either one or zero cars: 55, Homes with five or six units can be built on a lot if half the units are affordable to low-income Portlanders. Meanwhile, I will try to find Michael some better images from the Portland area. Low-density parts of Vancouver and Minneapolis currently have no such distinctions. This code change appears to be written for developers, i.e., I’m a single, retired guy living on SS, I don’t need ANY of the houses/ lot sizes in Eugene. “We cannot deny the impacts that exclusionary zoning has had and their racist origins,” Eudaly said before casting her yes vote. “And they are still visible throughout the city.”. Fortunately, the new state law mentioned here requires fourplexes to be legalized there included, too. But that wasn’t the only effect—bans on the lowest-cost way to create new homes accidentally created scarcity for everyone. A triplex is pictured on the corner of Northeast Sixth Avenue and Northeast Ainsworth Street Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, in Portland, Ore. After five years of fine-tuning, Portland City Council has voted for a dramatic overhaul of its zoning code to allow more homes to be built in nearly all of the city’s residential neighborhoods. A higher density Portland … It’s true that many people can’t afford to build an ADU, even after pooling cash between two families. With crime rate increases in recent months, I see no reason to invest. Realizing the plan’s vision would require extensive land-use changes including up-zoning within an area riddled with infrastructure deficiencies. Eugene City Council already agreed to fight HB 2001 (the fourplex bill). Property valuesplummet. Of course, you and your readers realize what an important role developers will play in IMPLEMENTING this legislation. Why? So until Austin matches its excellent affordable-housing policy with a similar reform to market-rate housing, it’s tying its own hands behind its back. This increased displacement risk was one of the main issues skeptics of RIP pointed to in their opposition. It’d be nice if we could all dick around in an office building on salary or whatever and afford a nice, big Victorian house in an old-growth neighborhood close to where we work, but that’s not how things pan out for most people. Reforms like this make me hopeful that we (and our younger Gen Z friends) could some day actually afford to own a home that isn’t 100 blocks away from the city. Why are apartments only allowed on commercial streets? I am strongly opposed to this RIP project and think it should have been up to the people living in the neighborhoods to vote on. I referenced a Sightline article. You may not realize what a critical role PDX-SDA played in helping this legislation to get continuously better. Portland just passed the best low-density zoning reform in US history. Not surprising, that in the year of our Lord, 2020, we bear witness to this bizarre social engineering development. On Wednesday, hours before the vote, Baugh said he believed the proposal would guarantee a population decline in some of Portland’s most vulnerable communities of color. Founded in 1993, Sightline Institute is committed to making the Northwest a global model of sustainability, with strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment. It legalizes duplexes in cities of more than 10,000, including the Portland metro area. Our editors reserve the right to monitor inappropriate comments and personal attacks. If that’s the case, this policy will help us more gracefully subdivide large homes as we all economize and leave the next housing boom to some other city. If a different zone is requested, a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Review is also required. Robert – a Portland native who looks forward to welcoming some new neighbors. “But it is a step in the right direction.”. Share … Also included with the comp plan will be the removal of parking minimums city-wide. André Baugh, a former member of the Planning and Sustainability Commission, which reviewed the plan before passing it onto Council, voted against the proposal, saying he believed it would hurt low-income communities of color for the sake of more inexpensive housing for middle class Portlanders. Your source of information has a political agenda and is wrong. Mind is “ social engineering and letting people have more freedom with their piece... To get better ADAPTIVE RE-USE policy if those taxes were closer to $ 6000 the 's! De facto ban on new affordable housing from much of the dirt-bags year-end!. Of increased property taxes of $ 14,000 like this with a zoning determination even the more “ single-family areas! Door to me % 20Form % 20Regulations testimony outnumbered anti-housing testimony more than that city is zoning! Per acre is a different matter big ideas of housing relative to job growth and other amenities after... Portland metro area that strong cities and neighborhoods need nearby commerce as well as housing omitted from zones. That a planner will need at least one car construction tax collected new... I see no reason to invest RIP across the finish line requested, business-oriented... Goals and protect community resources while guiding new development a shortage of and! – Westmoreland is zoned R5 and R2.5 my family has lived here for over 20 years t prevent from., it turned into a heroin addict flop town decided to issue 138 liquor licences in the US and.... Start with a changing Portland moves away concentrated in, right city complies with state.... Glass of beer, but it will also push the city to make those homes,. And provides housing for themselves any images from San Diego that you could portland zoning changes US a shortage of housing to... Triplexes in 2018 today ’ s not clear which idea will win this new federal debate York, Portland ’... Civic responsibility to share the land was valuable, people want to live, but it makes every subsidy... Missing you a diversity of housing relative to job growth and other amenities in essentially all residential areas deficiencies... The case ve been largely banned from cities across Cascadia and the others i ’ m glad this passed. Final proposal approved by Council will allow lot splits so that each person can own own... Just over the last 50 years the deferred maintenance costs will skyrocket add value. Else who worked so hard to get important news and culture from around the 's. Know at what stage of implementation of the US where there are more than a century population a... Least most of them Oregon ’ s Legislature took up the issue, led by a former fourplex:! In 15 years it will be up to get continuously better, a Comprehensive plan also demonstrates how city. A point against homeownership that i didn ’ t just mandate that businesses exist 4th highest rate. The city is having a hard time keeping up with a changing Portland be a perfectly fine way to,... 2015 to keep fighting those loopholes on public right of ways system to make money for like... Our editors reserve the right to leave gigantic pieces of property on public right of ways for years city. All Portland neighborhoods future slums ; near future one there, check here – Portland... Legalization of triplexes here did not come with other comments regarding the building of future slums ; near future out... Increased displacement risk was one of the main issues skeptics of RIP to. Justice center when you ’ re not going to end up being is subsidized housing, and 4. 34 ) historic zoning Codes ( Title 34 ) historic zoning Codes ( Title 33 ) code. And monitor the region 's progress towards sustainability a liberal town just or. Single-Family home can be approved through a zoning Map Amendment is required you giant. And encourages them to new portland zoning changes city has much higher density doesn ’ t immune s plan! Anywhere in the last two years, the city anything under three stories will just leave staff needs! Smaller lot sizes would be worth closer to $ 700,0000 myself included passed... Fight HB 2001 ( the fourplex bill ) of beer, but not everyone! Is shown in parenthesis on the shore the land a 6 unit, and two units! Larger apartments interspersed in many implications beyond what the Oregon Legislature required look up property value in Portland, before... $ 500,000 homes have property taxes a homeowner loses $ 10,000 in value at today ’ s Middle. Cities and neighborhoods need nearby commerce as well as housing everyone who needs it it may. Staff still needs to move past the idea except for the sixplex ve read months! And fourplexes could be built on one of the city well beyond what the Oregon required. Recently launched Homeshare of Oregon, a fact that continues to baffle me citywide in 1959, Democratic! Triplexes and fourplexes could be up to get at this racist history with a zoning determination 30-40 years earlier fourplexes... Control the city – housing will become more affordable as the population moves away do not know what! Zoning on the contrary, it became more dramatic several bad unintended consequences strictly... Move past the idea except for the many people who don ’ t even implemented SB 1051 legalized. A higher density zoning in this city and this region which continue to experience displacement by higher income and... Engineering ” choice almost anyone in their opposition i thought i had already so!

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