2012 salsa spearfish review

Aimed at pedaling and suspension efficiency, Spearfish offers stable, balanced handling that really shines toward the end of a long race or ride, when the rider is most tired. 2012 Spearfish 3. Being a thrifty Yankee (cheap) I was pleased that the Salsa could be had for reasonable money and the simple suspension design meant less parts to service as well as fewer failure points. I opted to buy the frame and swap over all of my existing parts. A RockShox SID Select fork delivers 120mm of travel and keeps you tracking straight, while a Fox Float DPS Performance shock provides 100mm of cushion in the rear. The Spearfish features our simplified one-piece rear triangle with shaped stays and a shared pivot link design that reduces pivot … The bike exhibits no bob even when standing in a tall gear. The Salsa Rustler has 130mm rear travel and 150mm up front. They launched the completely overhauled Spearfish and Horsethief in 2014 using Split Pivot. Salsa 2012 Spearfish 2 Full Suspension 29er Frame - Since the Spearfish first made it's debut at Interbike in 2010 it has set the 29er world on fire! Spearfish Carbon SLX is designed with precise performance in mind. Salsa Cycles Horsethief 29er Full Suspension user reviews : 4.9 out of 5 - 9 reviews. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. Salsa Spearfish SX Eagle build. Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the 2012 Yeti ASR-5 Alloy Enduro Bike Winning awards from places like MTBR, 29inches and Outside Magazine the Spearfish has been a bike to beat. Spearfish, EV-6 Aluminum Alloy: Shock: Fox Float RP2 Boost Valve, Custom Tuned for Spearfish: Color: Speedy Black Anodized: Weight: S = 26.2 lbs (11890 grams), M = 26.4 lbs (11970 grams), L = 26.6 lbs (12070 grams), XL = 26.9 lbs (12190 grams) Climbs pretty good, no pedal bob. This is a brand new model and a brand new bike that has a durable and comfortable frame design, full suspension and good components right out of the box (you can upgrade later as you like or as is necessary, of course). The Salsa Rustler is a playful 27.5 trail bike with gobs of tire clearance. The frame weight on my size XL with seat collar was an impressive 5.77 lbs. Stay up to date with the latest news & advice, Save your address for more accurate local bike shop results, Pre-register for upcoming Demo Day events. The frame uses a tapered head tube, press fit BB-30 bottom bracket and 135mm rear wheel spacing. I decided to compare the geometry of the Salsa to many popular XC bikes and found the HT & ST angles of 71 and 73 degree matched up as well as did the chainstay length of 17.9”, the wheelbase of the spearfish was actually shorter than many of the “XC” bikes as well. Once we got on trail, though, all preconceived notions regarding Salsa and the Spearfish evaporated as we got to hammering and discovered the true nature of this lean machine. Later, in 2012, Salsa Cycles partnered with suspension mastermind Dave Weagle behind the scenes to integrate the Split Pivot linkage system, only leased by one other bike company at the time. Written by Wally Wallace Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:44 Product Reviews - Bikeman's Product Testing After spending last season racing a hard tail 29er I came to the realization that I needed to get back onto a full suspension bike. Features like 80mm of rear wheel travel through a RockShox Ario RL shock combined with a 100mm travel front fork, makes this bike comfortable to ride even on extended period. My intended use is XC racing in New England. The bike is designed for a 100mm 29er fork and will take up to a 29 x 2.35in tyre. Spearfish is our ultra-endurance racing and riding machine, perfect for 100-milers, 24-hour races, and all-day singletrack sessions. I love the way a hard tail rides but about an hour into every race I would start to get beat up, the more fatigued I got the more I ran into things. The 6th bike I demo'd was the Salsa Spearfish. After reading all the marketing hype I actually did some test rides. Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:44, Product Reviews - Salsa claims that the new Spearfish, complete with 142x12mm rear axle, is 21% stiffer laterally. The EV6 aluminum frame uses our pivot-minimizing suspension design to keep the rear end tight and tracking well. Being tall I was only looking at 29ers. Oops! And the 2012 Spearfish 2 being reviewed is basically an orange 2011 but with a higher price tag than the identical green year-old model. ... Review Info. Like many FS bikes on the market you will need to run full length derailleur housing, make sure you leave a small loop of slack under the bottom bracket so the housing does not pull tight as you compress the suspension. Salsa has a great Blog entry titled Building up a Spearfish Frame this will give you most of the details you need if you opt to go the frame only route. As the shock compresses the seatstay flexes just enough to accommodate the stroke of the shock. This bike pedals incredibly well and is super playful going downhill. The Horsethief and Spearfish feature the same frame but they have different lengths of travel, achieved with differing forks, shocks, linkages, and rear t… Salsa decided to market the bike as an “Adventure bike” targeting the endurance racer and all day epic ride crowd. No local stockists found, please refine your search. Designed for all-day XC riding or racing. Overall the frame feels efficient and you never feel like you are wallowing around in the travel. There are a lot of choices for full suspension XC bikes these days. In slow chunky trails the rear end just follows along with no surprises and takes up the bumps. This bike offers a stable and balance handling that enables you to have suspension and pedaling efficiency. Salsa claims the FEA-optimized, 6066 aluminum, 12×142 Maxle-bolted rear triangle provides a 21-percent increase in the Spearfish’s rear-end lateral stiffness. 2012 Salsa Spearfish 2 Frame XL Orange. The Salsa Spearfish comes in 3 models this year (2012) which includes the even more affordable Salsa Spearfish 3 for under $2,200. I rode bikes from Niner, Trek (Gary Fisher) Kona, Specialized, and Salsa. 1-800-BIKEMAN. For 2020, the Salsa Spearfish is available in five models. That’s only because the guys at the Salsa booth set up the Fox Float just right for my weight and even set the sag. The claimed frame weight for a size … This bike may be marketed as an Endurance racer but I think it will work out just fine for shorter races. As stated by someone above its not identical, it now has an RT3 shock instead of MonarchR, plus 2012 also has the 20mm Maxle on the front. Everything you need to know about the Salsa Spearfish 3 2012 - View Reviews, Specifications, Prices, Comparisons and Local Bike Shops. (1-800-245-3626) Bikeman ships Internationally, view our shipping / returns policy Reviews, ratings, specifications, weight, price and more for the 2012 Santa Cruz Blur TR Carbon R XC Bike September 18, 2012 RL Policar 1 Comment on Interbike 2012: Salsa Spearfish. I have been putting the bike through some “testing” bashing it through rock gardens and taking less than optimal lines as often happens in races and the bike handles like a champ. Stable and balanced handling. After spending last season racing a hard tail 29er I came to the realization that I needed to get back onto a full suspension bike. The bike to ride for ultra-endurance riding and racing on singletrack. The lightweight carbon frame is stiff to maximize power transfer. The high-end full suspension MTBs can get very expensive but this one actually sells at a very reasonable price online (even the 2012 model). Great bike! The Salsa Spearfish Carbon GX Eagle sits proudly at the top of the Spearfish range at $5,400 USD. 2012 Salsa Spearfish II 29" Full Suspension Mountain Bike for sale. The Salsa Spearfish is a 100mm cross-crountry rig with 120mm fork. The bottom bracket is a bit on the low side but I happen to prefer bikes with lower bottom bracket heights trading stability at speed (due to the lower center of gravity) over the occasional pedal strike. Spearfish 3 retails for $2,750. The entry level Spearfish 3 comes in gloss black and retails for a bargain price of $2,750. The Salsa Horsethief is the brand’s 29er trail bike with 120mm rear travel and 140mm up front. Overall the handling is very much neutral and excels going up and down. After some races it would take till mid-week for my back to stop bothering me, if I raced back to back weekends I was hurting from the get go. Some parts of this trail are pretty buff, but there were enough rocky bits to put the Spearfish’s Split Pivot suspension to work as well. Project ‘Go-‘Fish’: Racing and Bikepacking Salsa’s Spearfish- by Grannygear The long term test Salsa Spearfish has been a very versatile bike, hanging with ‘da boyz on local XC loops and doing 100 miles across the Utah desert. As with the Rustler and Horsethief full suspension models, you can pick up a Spearfish Carbon XTR, XT or SLX build with a carbon frame, or an SLX or SX Eagle build in aluminium, priced at $7099, $5399, $4499, $3199, and $2649, respectively. great review...I just wanted you to recognize there are 3 different frames for the Salsa SF for 2012. In excellent condition with many upgrades. Originally wanted a Spearfish, but decided to try the Horsethief one night in the parking lot of Big Kahuna Bike shop in Littleton CO (Really Great Shop). Specs, reviews & prices for the 2020 Salsa Spearfish Carbon XTR. The weight is kept low utilizing a simple design that eliminates a pivot at the rear dropout, Salsa proved out this design on a previous model (the Big Mama). But there is more to do on two wheels than that and we have expanded the comfort circle of […] Aimed at efficient power transfer and rear suspension performance. 2012 Salsa Spearfish 3 FS XC MTB One of the bike review that I just completed is on the Full Suspension, Endurance XC Salsa Spearfish . Created by riders for riders. Bike Sheet is a complete database of mountain bike specifications and dimensions. Spearfish … The top three Spearfish get anodized finishes; Salsa claims this shaves approximately 200g from the frames. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. Salsa Spearfish Review. Ride at your own risk! Size Medium frame which is excellent for 5'8"-6'. All the bikes rode well and there were subtle differences in handling however there wasn’t a bike that was head and shoulders better than the rest. You need to be signed in to use that feature! Featuring a mix of SRAM cranks, Shimano XT and SLX, WTB Silverado Saddle, Schwalbe tires and Fox F29 Evolution suspension with CTD, the Spearfish 3 is a standout value. The unmistakable Salsa headbadge. I found this to be an interesting strategy because with 80mm of rear wheel travel and XC geometry this bike looks like it would be perfect for a 2 hour race or a 24 hour race. Written by Wally Wallace Salsa Spearfish 2012, bought as a frame only and built up from scratch in June 2013. Spearfish is our ultra-endurance racing and riding machine, perfect for 100-milers, 24-hour races, and all-day singletrack sessions.Aimed at pedaling and suspension efficiency, Spearfish offers stable, balanced handling that really shines toward the end of a long race or ride, when the rider is most tired.Spearfish 3 offers 80mm of rear wheel travel through a RockShox Ario RL shock and is designed for use with a 100mm travel front fork.The EV6 aluminum frame uses our pivot-minimizing suspension design to keep the rear end tight and tracking well. The hydraulic line for the rear brake also routes under the bottom bracket then along the chainstay, if you are buying new brakes the line will surely be long enough however I had shortened my line for a previous bike so a new one was in order. Split Pivot also means that both pedaling and braking forces are independent of the rear suspension, which improves both climbing and descending traits of this XC machine. Now for the ride, with only 80mm of travel and a somewhat less sophisticated suspension design than some of its competitors the Spearfish isn’t as good at soaking up small bumps however it is still a full suspension bike and yields a comfortable ride. Bikeman's Product Testing. Component Group: Not Available: Brakeset: Avid Elixir 1 180/160mm: Shift Levers: SRAM X5 10spd: Front Derailleur: SRAM X5: Rear Derailleur: SRAM X7: Crankset: FSA Comet BB30 The bike that intrigued me the most was the Salsa Spearfish. The cumulative effect of racing on the hard tail was also an issue. Salsa’s Spearfish eyed our testers from across the room, ready to rip and rocket up climbs. Salsa Cycles Spearfish 29er Full Suspension user reviews : 4.7 out of 5 - 38 reviews - mtbr.com. Please note that Salsa is offering two versions of the Spearfish; I purchased the Spearfish 2, the primary difference is the Spearfish 1 utilizes a rear wheel spacing of 142mm for use with a maxle and a rear shock upgrade to a Fox Float. Had the pleasure of test riding this beautiful 29er made by Salsa, the Spearfish 29er. An 80mm rear travel version of our link-actuated single pivot design. Removing the rear pivot also reduces chassis weight, and reduces complexity and maintenance.We named this frame after the town of Spearfish, South Dakota, home to the Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Club, the Dakota 5-O race, and hundreds of miles of killer singletrack trails.Spearfish. The frame you have is the 2011 version...great bike and I'm happy that I no longer have back issues as well, Please enable JavaScript to post a new comment, Pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, Bikeman ships Internationally, view our shipping / returns policy, Click here to see what you missed last week >>. While the Spearfish’s front end is a bit shorter with an effective top tube of 613.5mm, its reach is … For the ultra-endurance racer looking at 100-miler or a 24-hour race, the Spearfish is the perfect companion. I didn't receive my registration confirmation email. When I got all the parts swapped over I had an XL full suspension bike with pedals that weighed in at 25 pounds even. To summarize the first look post in a few short paragraphs, Salsa reengineered and relaunched the Horsethief, Rustler, and Spearfish with new Split Pivot suspension kinematics, 1x-specific drivetrain designs, larger tire clearances, and modern(ish) geometries to make them more progressive and to follow the direction set by competing full-suspension trail bikes. Charge your lights because tonight’s ride will be a long one. Become a member now and get the following benefits: Do you think this product should be reviewed? Component Group: Not Available: Brakeset: Avid Elixir 5 180/160mm: Shift Levers: SRAM X7 10spd: Front Derailleur: SRAM X7: Rear Derailleur: SRAM X9 10spd: Crankset But we were suspicious of the 80-millimeter-rear-travel bike’s intentions. The Spearfish is the shorter travel brother of Salsa’s Horsethief (a 120/140mm do-it-all niner), and its frame geometry is a bit more cross-country focused. 01-12-2012 #7 Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco and more.

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