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How much would it take if we are going to order a Royal Palm Tree. , Pls send me your current availability list and prices. Good morning. and the place.. i find it lonely. Good afternoon. Welcome po kayo bumisita sa farm namin anytime! school located along the shore. Like: Follow: Message: More: About. Thanks! However, there are many other beautiful trees that are native to the country. Our message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail. Do you have agarwood seeds and/or seedlings? Magkono is known as the Philippine Iron Wood or. This is my email. I hope I can share some views of it. Because we will use this in our experiment in research. I need 1pc. Los Angeles, California. You are welcome to come visit us any day! But aside from the relaxing camping ground in ... During my first visit to Mt. some house decors. Thanks It might be out of everybody's expectations that this silent city has a very rich history buried herein. ( Thank you! Recommended Videos. Thank you po. Godspeed! God bless also! Undoubtedly the southern countryside of Mindanao shelters some of the best places in the Philippines, beach destinations in parti... Magkono is known as the Philippine Iron Wood and considered as the hardest wood under the Family Myrtaceae (ex. this is Liam. Marty's Falcata seeds for sale. Do you have sampaguita? Native Range. Hi meron po ba kayo wisteria plant? Hi can you give me a list of the prices of your plants and landscape materials? Nice woods isn't it? I am sure it is pricey! Thank you! Anyway, I have... Part of our Panay Adventure was visiting Bucari Pine Forest in Leon, Iloilo. … Our list was sent to your email . Kupapey, Maligcong’s Finest Viewing Point, Small lagoon of Davisol with lush green mangroves, The house of Davisol , build from finest wood, Magkono seedling. . Hi! I would like to buy a Agarwood seeds. Also, if possible, do you have prices for these following species: Unfortunately we do not have them in stock yet so there are not available pictures. Please send me available plants with price list for sale. Grafted Bottle Type Evergreen Avocado, Seedless Longkong Lanzones & Iron Wood / Mangkono / Magkono... 09172425357 On one side of the road along San Agustin, heading to the Municipality of Lianga, I saw a writing on a waiting shed as “Tourism Thanks. We intend to visit site today. To create a masterpiece from the Also talisay, akasya and other leafy trees? Can you send a pricelist of all your bamboo. Can you just help me with accomodations there. I would like to inquire if you have golden shower tree and fire/flame tree. Hi. kindly email me of all your available plants, trees, palms and bamboos. how long will it usually take? As requested, we have sent an availability list to your email. ), Burdeos Summer Island Escapade | Revisiting Polillo Group of Islands, R.I.P to Coco Beach Resort and White Haven Beach Resort| The Most Disrespectful Resorts in Gumasa, Saranggani, Butuan or Limasawa: To Where Philippine Christianity was Born, Scary! Assisted germination is helpful if you want to speed up the overall germination process. Sorry we do not have seeds po. Theme images by, Post Comments can you send me your list of available plants? It is listed as rare and currently endangered based on the record of IUCN. thanks. for event place and rest house sana.thanks. Thanks! Interested in mansanitas, barbados cherry and figs po sana. Guava and eucalyptus). Thank you! Join Facebook to connect with Aloysius Sr C Pagador and others you may know. can u send me details & pricing f bamboo seedlings po? . Thanks, Hi Ramil! Cellphone number: 09207644924. As requested, we have sent an updated availability list to your email. 5 Acacia (native if available) . It is good to know that something is being done to preserve the magkono tree although the products made from it are really extraordinarily beautiful. You are welcome to come visit our farm any day! Hello! with current height and price. Tnx, We have sent a reply to your email regarding Bamboo and Ornamental plants. Can you send me your availability list too? Amazed with my In Lianga as well as elsewhere in the country the felling of Magkono trees is already prohibited by law since this hardwood species is already extremely rare and on the endangered list. Do you sell dried seeds like vegetables seed ornamenta seeds or even a sampaguita seedlings.. We have sent a reply and availability list to your email. , Good afternoon Aloysius Sr C Pagador is on Facebook. Description. can I ask something about your nursery? Richard Hobbins. The hardest wood of all species in the Philippines, better than most hardwood we know like Narra, Kamagong, Bagtikan, Yakal, Molave, Guijo etc. Tropical tree, little cultural information available. 3. kamagong Related Pages. . . For the information of everyone, Thanks, We have sent a reply to your email and also an availability list. local, the house was built using the finest of Philippine wood without a single liam, We have sent our updated availability list to your email as requested. Manuel Castillo May I request for a pricelist for available indigenous plants Are there indigenous species available that could be recommended for planting along streets or small tree parks in the city? Hi! Lapnisan In fact, if you could read a book about Mindanao's Christianization history, it would be impossible not to mention Tandag. May I know if you have Acacia Nilotica seeds? Hi can you send me your latest pricelist? thank you and good day, We have sent a reply as well as our availability list to your email as requested. . around 10ft. hello po may seeds po ba kayo ng euphorbia milii? Do you have Boxwood, buxus shrub.? Tatanong ko lang po kung mayroon po kayong available na Clove plant dyan. I find your website very informative and I have shared it to those who ask for a list of some indigenous species. Location Taguig City Metro Manila. 1.5K likes. For your orders, deliveries and further inquiries you may contact us anytime at: Land lines: (02)8655-0143; (02)8655-8901 As requested we have sent our availability list, rough catalogue, and also a sketch to our farm. Please send it to, A copy of our availability list was sent to your email , May I request for a pricelist of all available plants (philippine indigenous, ornamental, bamboos and palm) and sizes, if available. Hi! And I hope people of faith, and those who love this part of the Philippines can share their resources for the completion of one of the most beautiful Houses of Worship. According to a You are welcome to visit our farm any day. Me, too. You are welcome to visit our farm any day! . I hope you can visit Tandag and Surigao Sur in the future, we/ i am not selling seedlings po @Bonn Anoche. Hi. An availability list was sent and yes we deliver to Laguna. Most of our furniture are made out of woods made by him. I am interested in KIWI PLANTS. Thank you! Can I have the list of available trees seeds or saplings and its price. im interested to buy in your bamboo and palm trees. can you provide me photos and price so i can decide easily. , Hi, need also pricing and pics for firetree please. I need tree seedlings at least 10ft tall above. i am also looking for the following: Many would have assumed that the present Cathedral of Tandag, by its hispanic or somewhat renaissance-like architecture and its very olden appearance, is as 390's old as Tandag Parish is. This must be preserved. can you please send me your price list? Wireless: (02)697-5278 Kindly email the price list also. Hi, Im looking for some plants for my office, do you have any recommendation? Our list was sent to your email , Hi Bobby! New User? Send Message. Can you email me a copy of your availability and pricelist? Our reply regarding the Red Palm was sent to your email , Hi, Good morning. We have sent a list of our current native stock ideal for street planting to your email. I have a landscaping project can you email me your latest pricelist of plant and product. I could personally nickname Tandag as a "silent land with hidden gems". Thank you! A copy of our availability list was sent to your email , We have sent a reply to your email as well as our availability list. I've been to Surigal del Sur but never got a chance to visit this place; I was just passing by Lianga and San Agustin. We are beginners in our ornamental garden. Can this be grown in non-forest sites and back yards? Hello! just hope that this pride would not perish just because of some individuals I loved those trees, from the papery thin root covering and the underneath orange colors to the crazy, lime-green, “horse apples”. Panalo naman eto!! ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW . Jasper – Known as the nurturing stone, jasper is commonly multicolored, coming in shades of red, … . I wish to receive a copy of your plant list. Atom we have a garden here in ilocos and are looking for cheap and beautiful plants we can order for our business. I only have a 100 sq. Meter backyard that i can use. Along this line, ERDB headed by Director Celso Diaz has been studying, among other things, the appropriate germinating medium for its seeds as an initial step in perpetuating the species. How much for Ficus Lyrata around 3-4 ft? Thank you. seedlings_ruminants wrote: For Sale … . A copy of our availability list (Palms and Bamboos included) was sent to your email . I have visited many times but don't have the enough time to wander around. For Sale Malunggay Seedlings... We accept contract growing... just text or call. A copy of our availability list was sent to your email. if not too much to ask, a list and price of all available indigenous trees. Teka Amazing! Wood works are great ancient stuff. WOW! Hi, kindly send me a list of available seeds and seedlings and their prices? This type of wood is so marvelous that the Filipinos should be the first to uphold and safe-keep our natural resources. Cellphone number: +639198249655; +639207644924. I will be needing a lot of plants specially bamboo. may I also have a copy of your price list of all the available plants thank you and God bless , We have sent an availability list to your email as requested. Thank you! Hello po! Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Thank you, Ernie, Hello. Good thing there was a ban too, I hope they would take the initiative to replant or save Magkono tree! because we have an activity. First time I heard about this tree called Magkono and its wonderful characteristics but sad to know that its coming to extinction. i hope it will not be too late for the people to realize its importance since it is the source of their livelihood.. embarrassing but this is the first time I heard of magkono tree. Do you have butcher’s broom plant and horsetail? You are welcome to come visit our farm anytime! San Roque, Cainta, Rizal. How long before it can grow and bloom? Could you please send my a price list of your native tree seedlings? However, the church was actually erected from 1940's through the initiative of Fr. I need a price list of ornamental plants please? ;( hopefully our government will exert effort to preserve these trees. wish to profit from converting our forest land into some money producing undertakings. Thank you. one of God's creation, but be sure to preserve some because wood from trees are very important with nature. Live Tubifex, black and red tilapia fingerlings, African hito fingerlings, azolla and duckweed, guppy. You are welcome to come visit our farm anytime. . Call +63 946 407 0791. 4.3 of 5 stars. We have sent our availability list to your email as requested. May I request for a pricelist of all available plants (philippine indigenous, ornamental, bamboos and palm) and sizes, if available. HI! Hi Jane! You are welcome any day to visit our farm! And how much. thanks! Thanks , Regarding your coral tree inquiry we have sent an availability list to your email. Could you kindly please send me list and prices of your plants? I am glad you like history and that you have come to know about Tandag. . Seed Availability. Seed germination is a necessary part of growing trees, but it can often be a long and tricky process. Do you have small succulents available? Thanks. I wonder if we can get mother plants and seedling material from. if available, how much per seedling per variety? Thank you. Most apple cultivars originate as seedlings, which either arise by chance or are bred by deliberately crossing cultivars with promising characteristics. Thank you. I have a farm in pangasinan and I’m in search of the following seedlings. May I have a complete price list also? . Thanks. Mobile number: +639198249655; +639207644924. . item as not everyone has the opportunity to own a rare authentic craft made out of Magkono SAGE BLOOD bracelet Made with Red Jasper / Snakeskin Jasper / Magkono Banded Wood Most bracelets are 12mm beads. ( Log Out /  A copy of our availability list was sent to your email for your condsideration , Good day! I only visited Davao. Good afternoon po! Such furniture and other novelty items are well-known among the towns of Surigao del Sur since they last for generations. Do you have a weeping willow tree available? Good afternoon can i ask for a complete list of your available fruit trees and flowering trees either seedlings or seeds and its corresponding prices. Cellphone number: 09207644924, Can u send me one too? Our reply was sent to your email. thank you. Plenty of great views, trees, handicrafts materials! Wireless: (02)8697-5278 A copy of our availability list was sent to your email together with details regarding shipping and delivery , I would like to inquire if you have jacaranda trees available. Thank you! Hi. Endemic to the Philippines, it is considered the hardest tree in the country. How much?, hello! Please send price list through email. beautiful. mayron po ba kayong dendrobiums at vandas, magkano po? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. also, would like to know bamboo variety and price that will has good coverage. For more local options, Facebook user Bob Nebrida uploaded a collage of the most beautiful trees in the … . I I am interested in some of your plants! Meron po ba kayong apitong at akle seeds na for sale Seeds LNG pi talaga Mag kano point any pili seeds po. I am from Aklan and I am starting to reforest a patch of hilly land in our place. Tnx in advance for your reply. GM. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every day.Matt Levine. I even requested if seedlings are available for sale since I wish to have my own Magkono tree planted in our yard, preserving its genetic existence for future generation. PHP 130. . , We have sent a reply and also availability list to your email. Would like to know your address to check your plants. If yes, how much will it cost me to buy at least 20? CONTINUE READING BELOW . As requested we have sent an availability list to your email. Where is your nursery located? You may call or visit our farm anytime. Contact detail 09673683604, Hi! I would even still wonder how could I exactly describe its architecture which seems to have an 18th or 19th century European elements. San Roque, Cainta, Rizal (searchable by google maps or waze app). If you do, I need price list and if you can deliver to Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro). Pls send me a brochure on this. The Philippines trees that we likely equate to cherry blossoms aren't native. The crafts made out of Magkono only show how ingenious the craftsmanship of the Filipino ancestors. We moved when my dad subdivided the property when I was 13, but I took with me fond childhood memories. 5. May i have a price list of plants i can grow on big pots? i would like to inquire if you ship to mindanao?… if yes, how do i order? Looking for some Chinese Wisteria. Please send me your pricelist of all products. Join Facebook to connect with Red Wood Magkono and others you may know. And how much? Email : We have sent our availability lists to your email as requested. Physical Characteristics. Can I please get a price list on your fruit plants and ornamental plants. particularly Champaca red and white. 25 Fire Tree 4. Sent an availability list to your email. Hi po tanung ko lang po may wisteria po ba kau na plant? Hi Good afternoon, meron po ba kayong Laurel “bay” seed or small tree na for sale ? email me via the address provided. Thank you in advance. I would really like to plant native trees. . , Hi good evening my jacaranda tree po ba kyo ? on August 27, 2016 at 9:28 am | Reply Hazel Bravo. And if ever how much will it cost if I have 200sqm of unpaved surfaces and i’ll let you design it. . May I request for a copy of the pricelist, hi Im jhun from novaliches, may I ask for a price list of fruit plants, also dwarfed both fruit bearing trees and not, ornamental plants and bamboo seedlings thanks. And do u also have arborvitaes? Thanks! We have sent a copy of our availability list to your email. Tree seeds can be germinated naturally, or they can be “forced” by assisted germination. I thanked the day that I finally found a place to tour our . We have sent a copy of our availability list to your email as requested.

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