morrowind code patch openmw

Reduces spellmaker spell duration cap to 300 from 1440. Saving/loading should not trigger auto calculation in OpenMW. A much improved menu for selecting components. This option corrects the weight measurement to check armor as well. Multiple summons overlap fix. PC/NPC weapon damage can now be controlled by the fDamageStrengthBase/Mult GMSTs. The cause was a bug in the Fortify Attribute spell when used as an ability. Fixes issues and crashes when companions use Soul Trap spells. Service refusal filtering. Repair item fixes. Fix reading vars from a global script. Updated to correct a problem with the fix which crashed only when a summon killed its own summoner with a spell effect. Allows you to steal from knocked-out NPCs. Milestone openmw-0.47. Changes the Fortify Health spell effect to only affect maximum health. Tell your friends about our project!Checking out our Issue Tracker and submitting a patch for a bug is a good way to get started. Allows you to level your skills past 100. Magic group: No weapons or apparel, now holds scrolls, potions and soul gems. Apparently not as intended. The Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) is a third-party tool which allows players to fix a huge amount of vanilla Morrowind's bugs, tweak the game's balancing, add new features, and make use of extended scripting capabilities. Changes the spell list of merchants to include the spells' magicka costs. Modifies the GetLevel script command to additionally work on locked objects. This is not considered balanced, but a fun feature. I've heard the argument that you don't needto since in OpenMW all these bugs are not present in the first place so there is no need to fix them. Rain and snow now collide with statics. NPC minor behavior fixes. Changes temporary barter disposition changes resulting from successful or failed transactions to be permanent instead. Improves game loading times in various situations. Enchanted weapons do not bypass certain creatures' resistance to normal weapons. Fixes StopSound and SayDone script commands for voiceover mods. Prevents invisible inactive blight diseases being added in blight storms. Unequips a shield when equipping a two-handed weapon. Pickpocket overhaul. Fixes an oversight where fatigue (a low fatigue bar) would increase the chance of repairing an item and the amount repaired instead of decreasing it. 4GB patch. Allows selecting spells by pressing the first letter of the spell while in the inventory menu. Increased falloff range could be added as an optional feature. Fixes equipped constant effect items to not additionally alter the character's stats on becoming a vampire. It should also speed up this phase of loading. This fixes a lot of bugs in the game engine that cannot be fixed by mods alone, and offers loads of additional features, all of which can be toggled on or off at will. Unfortunately it's also full of bugs. The Persuasion dialogue option opens the Persuasion window over your pointer, instead of the center of the screen. Scriptable potion use. Fixes the Blind effect to give an attack malus to the character instead of a bonus. Allows potions to have multiple fortify/drain attribute effects, where it would previously allow only one of the attributes fortified/drained in a set of ingredients to appear in the potion. Adds the possibility to type Polish characters in-game. Fixes crashes due to interacting with picked up or deleted items. See patch description for important details. Probes will always use a charge when testing an object, even if there is no trap present. When a bound armor spell is cast, the game should remember the last worn item in those slots it replaces. Adds the possibility to set a separate axe inventory sound not shared by any other weapon. This stops Morrowind from removing them. All original content on this site is licensed under a, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Item tooltips will now show the damage range on ammunition. GetEffect/RemoveEffects fix. There is a semi-related bug with some graphics drivers; see. Patches bugs in the Morrowind program, which cannot otherwise be fixed by editing scripts or data files. Skips the brief unequip weapon state when unequipping weapons and when switching to hand-to-hand combat. Eating ingredients always succeeds, giving its first effect and skill advancement. Training price now depends on base skill level instead of fortified/drained skill. NPCs can now open an unlocked but closed door, instead of treating the door as if it was locked. Weapons can now have a shorter reach when modded. Also affects the 'charges remaining' display for items in the magic menu. Fixes identical created potions to automatically stack in your inventory. Fixes a crash situation where uncast spells remained in memory or savegame. The world map size is automatically adjusted to fit all landmasses in OpenMW. Prevents crashes from spell effects bound to creatures that have been unsummoned. You won't need any Morrowind patches, because OpenMW will fix most common Morrowind engine bugs. Safe dispose corpse. Allows you to use a particular spell effect multiple times when creating a spell or an enchantment. When editing an existing spell effect, the effect range [Touch/Ranged/Self] is no longer reset. Particle effects fix. Confiscated item fix. The StreamMusic script command always sets music volume to maximum; this patch prevents that. Previously you had to wear at least one piece of armor to get any armor rating contribution. Allows you to remove your arrow or bolt from a fully drawn weapon by pressing the Ready Weapon key. Changes bump and reflection maps to use local lighting. Restore attributes spells did not recognize Fortify effects when restoring. Menu mode world interaction fix. Feedback. Scripted music fades like regular music. Fixes issues with multi-monitor setups, where the book would be larger than the screen, with all buttons off-screen. Solves weapon sounds triggering multiple times when firing bows and crossbows. Allows you to level your attributes past 100. Polish keyboard support. This page keeps track of all MCP fixes and features and their potential implementation in OpenMW. Don't loot on dispose. Fixes player spells to not deselect when an NPC unequips or uses up a magical item. This fixes RemoveItem to reduce encumbrance correctly. The below form can be used to send this information directly to your neighborhood friendly site admin. Prevents the AI from equipping non-carriable lights at night. Fixes script parser to not cause occasional hangings while initializing data. Corrects aiming errors for 1st person and 3rd person. This didn't work for clothing or bracers. Apparently it runs better on modern PCs than Code Patch. Fixes the mod matching system, to avoid many sources of game corruption. This fix does not change your stats if you are already a vampire. Fixes the Disintegrate Weapon magic effect, which was causing no damage to weapons in full condition. Due to its third-party nature, MCP isn't compatible with OpenMW. Fixes crashes if space is pressed at the moment a load warning messagebox appears. Spellmaker/enchant edit effect fix. Fixes the width of the level up window to avoid cutting off the personality attribute value. Fixes the menu to not show Next Rank line for factions with less than 10 ranks if you already are at the highest rank. Avoid blame for neutral NPC deaths. **{{OpenMW}} gives: Description of bug. That feature will have a performance impact, and may or may not cause compatibility issues with the existing game. After installing the game on your PC, you should download the Morrowind Code Patch from the Nexus mods website (You have register for an account there). Using UVW axes allows this option to be backwards compatible with item placement mods. Doubles the world map size in order to cover additional landmasses introduced by mods. Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) - Hrnchamd Incompatible with OpenMW Modifies Morrowind's exe to fix bugs and optimize things. The Persuasion window opens at your mouse cursor's position. Enchanted item rebalance. Skips the short put away weapon state on all unequip actions and when switching to hand to hand. books with images. Show transparent clothes in the inventory. GetSpellEffects tweak. It also makes saving much cleaner, minimizing things like missing NPCs and objects (the local ref bug). 5-10pts) which affect an attribute, skill or rating would rarely ever achieve the highest (eg. Better typography. Allows better animation modding (see readme). Vampire stats fix. Adding mods to your savegame will now cause much less issues. Reduces the minimum size of the map window. 5. Vanity camera lock. The topic/quest list in the journal has been realigned to stay within the bookmark texture. Toggle sneak. Correctly saves items placed by scripts into cells that the player has not visited yet. Fixes item stacks over 10000 to correctly display in containers. Prevents guards from always confiscating items they have confiscated before. Voiceover script functions fix. Polish character corrections. Allows the removal of a player from a faction by script, leading to new quest possibilities. magnitude increase. This option reduces the very strong abilities of enchanted items to allow other magickal skills to be effective in comparison. Allows "" to be replaced with a texture of a different size, without breaking the world map. Prevents items from sticking in the inventory when they were supposed to be removed by a quest or script. Fixes player spell deselection when an NPC unequips/uses up a magical item. Changes the Magic filter tab in your inventory to only show magic scrolls, potions, and soul gems. Makes all menu text and icons as sharp as their source textures. Up to three decimal places, without trailing zeroes, are shown in OpenMW. Could be implemented without any trouble, but is currently restricted. Potions now play both "pick up" and "put down" sounds, instead of just the "pick up" sound for both interactions. The PlaySoundVP and PlaySound3DVP script commands ignored the volume parameter, because someone forgot to write the code for it. Allows increasing and decreasing haggle values by increments of 100 by holding Shift when clicking the [+] or [-] buttons. Fixes some quests involving Arena duels. Cast-on-use enchanted items cast by NPCs now start recharging normally, instead of requiring the player to cast it to activate recharging. Colors the game crosshair and object tooltips to show whether an item is owned by another NPC or faction, and thus would be considered theft if taken. The GMST damage reduction cap does not limit creature AR. Mouse movement should now be fixed relative to the player; previously it didn't account for mouse sensitivity options. Fixes a lot of problems with the Light magic effect. PlaceItem fix. This option redistributes hits from the shield location if no shield is equipped; it will randomly select the left pauldron or cuirass location instead. Changes the Enchantment window to stay open after a failed attempt. Player-made potions have an icon and model related to the quality of the crafted potions, instead of a randomized icon and model. See the entry's comment for more information. A proper spell filter field is available in OpenMW. Fixes ghost item/crash problems with repairing bound weapons and armor by disabling the repair of bound items. It is unclear which sounds the MCP devs considered to be "correct". Fixes trainers to not train 1 point over their own base skill. In the inventory, full stacks are picked up by default and shift-click instead opens the quantity menu. To avoid these problems, you now cannot pick up items from the world while in crafting menus. Stops all empty message notifications from appearing. While in the alchemy, self-enchantment, self-repair, or recharge menus, it was still possible to pick up items from the world with the cursor. Do not allow the shield slot to take hits if there is no shield equipped. Keyboard navigation is available in OpenMW. Createmaps/FillMap fix. Volume is used for those functions in OpenMW. Spellmaking max. Exhaust NPCs with Damage Fatigue. Fixes the framerate-dependence of the Slowfall effect. The 4GB Morrowind executable file patch is integrated into the MCP install process. Weapon resistance change. Fixes a very specific situation where dropping items to the ground while levitating or falling, and also in third person, would cause the item to be lost. Fixes the choice of water ambience sound for exteriors and interiors. Now it can, and NPCs typically will remain on the floor until the damage fatigue spell expires. This feature/fix has already been implemented. Shoes (clothing) was calculated correctly, but boots (armor) had an effective weight of zero for sneaking. Fixes the Random script command unable to use certain arguments, and crashing on multiples of 256. Fixes enchanted items to no longer turn white when underwater, in dust storms, or in fog. Will decrease performance a lot without proper implementation. Subjective formula changes like this should possibly be handled by mods that rely on post-1.0 improved modding. It is now possible to swap the item argument and actor before use with the AIActivate script command, to match the Activate script command. Racial variation in speed fix. Provides better loading times for reloading and restarting the game when Morrowind is already cached in memory. Self-enchanting success chance. Container respawn timescale. Fixes the Encumbrance bar to not overlap text to its right in the companion share window. Merchants will no longer seize items stolen from their faction containers in the past. Fixes disposition to not cap at 100, effectively lowering an NPC's disposition, when a Fortify Personality effect is used. Enchant glow in fog fix. Fixes the choice of underwater ambient sounds for exteriors and interiors. Improves the UI when setting spell effects in the spellmaker or enchantment windows. Fog of war should no longer stop revealing or update an area a long distance away. NPC AI casts zero cost powers. Allows you to cast spells from any stance via the Ready Magic button. Rebalanced over earlier versions. Changes the container/merchant respawn variables and intervals to count in days instead of months. When talking to someone while under the effect of a personality increase that would push disposition over 100, extra disposition could be lost when the effect expired. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide. No longer causes a check for fall damage if cast while swimming. It also loosens the restrictions on camera position. The weight of equipped boots is correctly accounted for when calculating sneaking penalties. With this option enabled: At enchant skill 0, using an enchanted item uses 1x base charge cost; skill 40, it uses 0.84x charges (1.19x total casts); skill 70, it uses 0.72x charges (1.39x total casts); skill 100, it uses 0.6x charges (1.67x total casts). Unarmored skill now gives proper damage reduction when you are fully unarmored. Allows you to arbitrarily resize the Stats and Magic menus. Pages have more words per line, and lines per page. Gauntlets still cause gloves to be removed. Fixes the Disintegrate Weapon effect to silently use instant effects in order to prevent rounding errors over time. Hides the lock status and lock level in objects' tooltips. These limitations do not apply in OpenMW. Trainers no longer refuse to train you if your fortified skill points are above theirs, but not your base skill. Changes the Detect Animal spell effect to also detect NPCs. Option to disable world map smoothing filter when used with map expansion. Rain/snow collision. Fixes Waterwalk effect to not cause a fall damage check when cast while swimming. The repair of bound items does not need to be disabled if it is not causing crashes in OpenMW. Creature armor rating fix. Journal text color configuration. Tweaks the inventory filter tabs. The magicka cost of a spell now matches the cost of a pre-made auto-calculated spell with the same effects. Allows an on-use enchanted ring to be equipped together with two constant effect rings. Fixes the red damage border to not get stuck on cell change. Fixes an issue with actors teleported in with PositionCell that prevented NPC scripting from running correctly, and properly activates actor collision when an actor is moved to the current cell.

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